Breeder “Red Flags”

As a rescue organisation of pet rats we potentially see what can only be deemed as some of the worst cases of not only breeding but also misinformation regarding the proper care of domesticated rats. Some breeders breed to better the pet rats and we call these breeders Hobby Breeders, their goal is to better the health and temperament of pet rats by breeding only healthy and sociable animals. These breeders do this at a huge cost to themselves and only ask for a small adoption fee to show that you (the adopter) are willing to care for and provide for the animal properly.

There are also other people that call themselves “breeders” however they are what we call commercial breeders. Commercial breeders have very little interest in the end result of their litters and will generally supply to whomever is interested in paying the fee be it a pet shop, snake keeper (for either Live feeding or Killing and then freezing) or anyone else they think will pay the price. These breeders are the ones we would like you to be very aware of because although their rats may seem very healthy at the time of purchase you could well end up with a very unhealthy rat or one that suffers from incurable diseases for the rest of its life. There are some “Red Flags” that we will list below to help guide you when looking at potential places to adopt your new family member(s) from. If in doubt go away and have a think about it, or find someone else to deal with.


This list is by no means a way of telling you who you can and cannot adopt from but purely given as a guide to help you find a ethical hobby breeder who only has the animals best interests at heart. This kind of breeder is going to be only willing to breed from animals that show good health, temperament and longevity in the line. It should also be noted that some people got into breeder as they use to breed rats for feeding reptile, snake etc and decided to breed for the pet population instead, making the change from Feeder Breeder to Hobby breeder. Google is a great place to do a name search on the Rattery name as well as the owner of the Rattery. You will be surprised what you can learn from a quick search of these things.

We wish you all the best at finding a pair of domestic rats, whether from a breeder, pet shop or rescue like PRRR.