There is a wide variety of bedding options available to the rat keeping community these days. The most popular items are hammocks which can be purchased at a number of places, if different designs, styles and sizes.

At PRRR we chose hammocks made of polar fleece as it is a safe material around gnawing and chewing animals. It doesn’t thread off like most fabrics, which can cause issues with tail and toe strangulation. Polar fleece is also washable and dries quickly.

Polar fleece blankets are also used regularly in the rescue. The rats tend to drag them to where they want them and snuggle up in all the folds. Again, since the polar fleece is reusable it is a cheaper option than some of the other options people use.

Newspaper is also something that is used here in our cages as it can be used by the rats for their natural nest making. It keeps them active and mentally stimulated while they create their masterpiece. There is nothing quite as entertaining as watching the girls (and sometimes boys) grab pieces of ripped paper, drag them to their desired place and push, shove and rip a bit more to get that piece “just so”.